The business card is dead. Long live the business card.

Back in 2009 we designed a Corporation Pop business ‘card’ that created a bit of a stir and was featured on numerous ‘best of’ sites across the web. The reason for all the attention was the same reason that the word ‘card’ is in inverted commas.

In this digital age the very notion of a business card seems anachronistic and so we wanted to celebrate the format’s last hurrah – a business card to end all business cards if you like. Eschewing the norm of 350gsm board we sourced a 1/2 inch thick translucent recycled plastic made from water-cooler bottles and ground-up customs-seized CDs (an odd combination I agree). The plastic was only available in 1m x 2m sheets so we used a high speed water jet to cut the sheets down to business card-sized pieces. These were then screen-printed with our details. The water cooler bottles and water jet were significant as they paid reference to our company name ‘Corporation Pop’ – which, for non-Mancunians, is a colloquial term for tap water round these parts. 

The resulting ‘cards’, which we affectionately called ‘bricks’, were a great success and always a conversation piece. Their bulky presence and perceived value made them hard to throw away so they tended to stick around on people’s desks – just what you want when sharing your contact details with a prospect. 

Seven years on from 2009, it seems our prediction of the imminent demise of the business card may have been premature. Earlier this year we gave the last of the bricks away but we found that we still had need for a tangible object, with which to exchange contact details with others. Bumping phones together just never caught on, whilst telepathic transfer from one human-implanted microchip to another is still a few years off, and so our quest to find a replacement ‘business card’ format began.

The trouble is that our bricks have proved to be a hard act to follow. However after much creative deliberation we think we may have devised a suitable and worthy replacement. Drum roll please for the big reveal…

Corporation Pop's new coin 'business cards' – obverse

Our new ‘business card’ is a 46mm diameter silver-plated coin. The obverse features an embossed Corporation Pop roundel with the legend ‘Corporation Pop. Passionate. Persuasive. Proven’ also embossed and running around the rim. The reverse carries name and position printed in a hard orange enamel, surrounded by embossed type with personal contact details. 

Corporation Pop's new coin 'business cards – reverse

But this isn’t just shiny bling. There is a rationale. 

The act of giving a business card is always transactional. You give the card; you want something in return. By using a coin in place of a card we make that intention explicit. With the gift of the coin comes an offer of redemption. ‘Give us the coin back and we’ll discount your first order’. Of course customers buy from us because of the quality of our work and not because of promotional discounts, but it’s a memorable (and tongue-in-cheek) offer that begins a conversation that may lead to a longer relationship – and we can’t hope for more than that.