Keeping an eye on the weather...

"It always rains in Manchester" is an unfair slant on our fair city. In fact Rome receives more inches of rain in a year than we do and a recent Met Office study found that we get half the average rainfall of Cornwall or South Wales (mind you I've had some very wet days in both those places).

Mancunians are however, come rain or shine, obsessed with the weather and we're no exception at Corporation Pop. Earlier this year we purchased a weather station which has been sat up on our roof terrace collecting data for the last six months or so. We've been measuring rainfall, humidity, wind speed and direction, UV index, temperature and barometric pressure then feeding all the numbers in to a humongous MySQL database which sits on a Linux Server in our studio and then sends daily backups to another server off-site.

Why? Well, in all honesty, it's a question we've sometimes asked ourselves. I guess the answer is that we wanted to have a play with a small project that involved both our tech and design teams. The design team came up with a graphical interface for dynamically displaying a range of weather factors over a seven day period. The tech team used PHP and json to crunch the numbers and javascript and the html5 canvas element to pin them to the graphics.

Head over to our facebook page and click the Weather App to see the results.