No News Is Good News...

The news pages of our website (and indeed this blog) have been woefully quiet these last six months. The radio silence might have lead any reasonable person to come to the sorry conclusion that we weren't up to much: resting on our laurels, taking a prolonged vacation, twiddling our thumbs, sunning ourselves on our Mancunian roof terrace perhaps — doing anything other than what we do best — the business of designing and building great user experiences for our clients.

It has to be said we've let things go. We've been slackers in the dissemination of information department. And for that we apologise. Profusely.

The truth is we've been plain heads-down-too-busy to give our website the attention it deserves. Don't believe us? Then read on for a brief overview of just some of the apps, campaigns, websites, games, videos, products and brands that have preoccupied us in the last 180 days or so.

In March we unveiled the creative for this year's Creamfields and then spent pretty much every day between then and the August bank holiday supplying a host of assets for the online and offline campaigns. Alongside Creamfields we also delivered campaigns for Cream Ibiza, Cream Mallorca and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Broadcasting giants, Channel 4 and the BBC, have been keeping us occupied too. In March we worked on a series of short videos to support Channel 4's 'Secrets of the Vatican' expose, whilst in April we delivered a mortgage interest calculator for the BBC to accompany their 'Under Offer' TV series which followed the highs and lows of a group of Estate Agents. Since then we've continued to develop the calculator, expanding its use to a number of other compound interest scenarios — more news on that soon.

May was a very busy month which kicked off with the delivery of a tablet and web app for Hivehaus, a unique modular living system for homes and gardens everywhere. The app is available on the iTunes and Google Play stores as well as on the web — have a play then go buy a Hivehaus! Meanwhile work began on a major new software application for an international provider of University entrance courses to students around the world. The project kicked off with extensive user research and testing, for which we brought in our User Experience partners, Sutherland Innovation Labs. We're now a gnat's whisker away from delivering the project so expect more details on that and an announcement in October.

As May became June and summer heated up so did we. We started the month with the launch of Flint + Flint — a premium range of skin care products. We had been developing the branding, packaging and ecommerce site since November of last year so seeing it finally go live was an exciting climax to months of hard work.  We also put the finishing touches to a Match 3 HTML5 game for a very well known household brand, which rocked Facebook both here and in Europe but unfortunately are lips are contractually sealed when it comes to naming the client. What we can say is that to date the game has had well over half a million plays!

July began with a two day trip to the beautiful city of Krakow for ProReal's first European conference. As ProReal's strategic partner we were delighted to be given the opportunity to outline the company's product development roadmap. Back in the studio work continued on developing some of these exciting new features which we'll reveal later in the Autumn.

August marked the centenary of the start of World War 1. To commemorate the anniversary we released 'Poppy', a JavaScript responsive web application commissioned by Lets Go Global. The app allows users to view image, video and text-based content around themes of the Great War, created In artist-led workshops across Greater Manchester.

And now we're in September, with the faintest sniff of winter in the air. Before the month is out our BBC calculators, software application for our (soon to be named) provider of courses for international students and a new responsive website for Sutherland Innovation Labs will all be signed, sealed and delivered.

But there's no time to rest. We've got a busy timetable over the next few months working on, amongst many other things, an HTML 5 game which will be deployed to Chinese social network Sina Weibo, a host of new features for ProReal, an exciting new m-commerce app and the 2015 campaigns for Creamfields and Cream Ibiza.

Good times!