3hundredand65 is an amazing project in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust, conceived on New Years Eve by Dave Kirkwood. ''It is a response to the awful news I had that my good friend's teenager had been diagnosed with cancer and would consequently be facing a year of invasive treatment," explains Dave. That good friend was our MD, Dom Raban, so the project has a very special significance for Corporation Pop.

Taking place over the 365 days of 2012 the project uses Twitter in a unique exercise in collaborative storytelling. Every day a new storyteller contributes no more than 140 characters to the emerging narrative. Though the contributions are finely crafted, for the storytellers it's an easy undertaking. Dave on the other hand has his work cut out providing daily illustrations to accompany each tweet.

"I'm a designer not an illustrator," says Dave, "I've never taken a commercial commission for my drawings. I nearly lost my sight two years ago in a freak accident. Manchester Eye Hospital saved it, but I'm under the continuous threat of it going at any time. I started drawing at the Eye Hospital one day and couldn't stop. It's become a bit of an obsession so it's my channel swim if you like, without all the effort."

We've designed and built the website and will be designing a limited edition book, sponsored by GF Smith Papers and published early next year. We are also hosting the site – not something we'd normally mention but for the fact that on 23rd May twitter supremo Mr. Stephen Fry, who has an astonishing 4.3 million followers, will be contributing to the story so we're preparing for a huge surge in traffic!