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ProReal avatar therapy for young people

ProReal avatar therapy for young people

2015 is off to a flying start as we begin work on a major new contract win to develop ProReal’s 3D virtual environment software for avatar therapy with children and young people.

The ProReal software, which we first developed in 2012, enables a coach, therapist or counsellor to work with their clients to create a visual representation of a situation and their relationships. This can then be used to share ideas, identify problems and consider options for change. This new contract will allow us to extend the use of the software as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of people with mental health issues. 

We will be enhancing the existing landscape and adding new features and props to provide additional relevance to young people. We'll also add functionality to the user management system so that therapists can keep clinical records. A ‘guided self-help’ function will enable patients to use the software in their own time. A tablet version will also be developed and the desktop software will be re-architected to allow offline use in settings where internet use is restricted.

We're delighted to be working once again with user experience experts and long-term partner Sutherland Innovation Labs, who will be tasked with conducting user research which will inform our design decisions. We're also bringing in specialist security consultancy, JustASC, to advise on implementing security provisions that comply with NHS security standards. 

The brief is part of ProReal’s ‘avatar therapy for young people’ pilot, which has just been awarded £970,000 by NHS England’s Small Business Research Initiative Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare).Last year, together with ProReal, we successfully delivered a Phase 1 Feasibility Study (also funded by SBRI Healthcare) to evaluate the use of the software with offenders. 

ProReal Ltd, Chief Executive Andrew Jackson said: “This contract enables us to continue and accelerate the valuable work we started last year. The support and counsel we’ve received from SBRI Healthcare and MindTech has been invaluable enabling us to find solutions to unmet healthcare needs. We started working with Corporation Pop because of their virtual world expertise and we’re really excited to be further developing our relationship with them.”

Forced Entertainment 20 years on

Forced Entertainment 20 years on

The year is 1994 and 'The Internet' is a world whispered about, populated with MUDs, newsgroups and chat rooms. There is a new kid on the block called the World Wide Web and some 2500 or so brave pioneers have taken the publishing plunge and launched their own websites.

In that year we were commissioned to design the publicity for 'Speak Bitterness', a new show by Forced Entertainment, one of the UK's most exciting experimental theatre companies. That was the start of a close relationship with the company that continued for the rest of that decade as we delivered design services that, in their own way, were as ground breaking as the company's theatre practice.

Now, 20 years and over a billion websites later, we're delighted to be working with Forced Entertainment once again. This time round we've re-designed their website; a responsive site, which changes colour palette and image library on every visit. You can view the fruits of our labour at

Record year brings 3 new team members

Record year brings 3 new team members

It’s been a record year at Corporation Pop. We doubled our turnover by year-end 31 August 2014, marking this year the company’s best year of trading since forming in 1991. We've secured a raft of new client wins over the last 12-months too including the BBC, Study Group, Hivehaus, Flint Plus Flint, Sutherland Global and NCUK. Growth has also continued across existing accounts with Channel 4, The Cream Group and ProReal. This success has driven demand for more hands on deck so we’re very happy to announce the appointment of three new recruits to the team.

Chris Baker has just been appointed from Uniform in Liverpool to take up the role of Senior Developer. He will be working closely with our existing Senior Developer, Oisín Wood on online projects, particularly focusing on application development. Rich Jones also joins this team. He was previously working at Virtek, a specialist music industry e-commerce agency.

New to the creative team is Mike Stanley. He was previously working at Evolutia and has been appointed as a Senior Digital Designer. We are also currently recruiting for a middleweight Digital Designer, who we hope to appoint within the next few weeks.

It’s great to welcome three new faces to the team. All have strong online skills honed over many years, so they will strengthen our existing specialism of mixing strong design with technology expertise to provide digital solutions that not only work, but look good too.

Poppy app to commemorate World War 1

Poppy app to commemorate World War 1

Few people can have failed to realise that 2014 marks the centenary of the start of World War 1. As part of the commemorations we have been commissioned by Lets Go Global to create a responsive web app that showcases work produced by the Poppy project. Poppy is running in libraries across Greater Manchester throughout 2014. Artists and members of the community work together to create poems, illustrations, music, video and audio based artwork that reflects their contemporary and conceptual view of the Great War.

When a piece of content is uploaded through the content management system a red or white poppy is created in the app. A red poppy represents stories about war whilst white ones reflect more peaceful themes. Clicking on a poppy reveals the content and a number of share options – each time a poppy is shared on social networks it grows in size. The movement of the poppies across the screen is controlled by an algorithm which ensures that the motion is fluid and organic, much like poppies moving in the wind. Ease of use was central to the development of the app and the responsive design works across all digital devices without the need to download. The app is built using javascript and the HTML5 canvas element.

Karen Shannon, Director, Lets Go Global had this to say: "Corporation Pop has been a pleasure to work with. We came to them with a vision of a creative app that exhibits people's artwork, with poppies that flourish and grow as they're viewed. We're really excited by the finished app, and the website. They're a fantastic way to explore the Poppy project, and a beautiful tribute to the First World War."

Have a play with the Poppy app and share content with your friends.

Earlier this year we developed the Poppy website where you can find more information about the project.