Applearn video and website

Applearn create training tutorials for industry standard Human Resources software. HR software is usually a substantial investment for any company and to get a return on that investment it's important that everybody within the company knows and understands how to use it. Applearn's unique green-screen video based solution works by being embedded within the software, delivering return on investment by driving up usage.

To help them take their product to a global marketplace we have just completed a short animated film which explains, in easy-to-understand terms, the features and benefits of Applearn's training tools. To emphasise the simplicity of the solution we've taken a bold 2D graphic approach, illustrating the concepts outlined in the friendly mid-atlantic voice-over.

We've also created their new website which was developed in conjunction with long-term Corporation Pop collaborator, Dave Kirkwood. The site is built on the Wordpress platform and uses Brightcove's powerful video hosting solution.