Channel 4 cookery application

This prototype Connected TV application is designed to support a cookery series. Frequently cookery programmes feature ingredients which are difficult or expensive to source. This application allows the viewer to conduct on-screen consumer research around a featured recipe or ingredient during the course of the TV programme.

The application can be accessed at any point during the TV show by pressing the red button on the remote control. An application home screen shows recipes, ingredients and personalities featured in the show. Each recipe featured in the programme is available to view (with an option to email the recipe to the viewer’s email account). Recipe ingredients each have an individual product page with more detailed information.

By selecting 'shop' from the recipe or ingredient screens the viewer can see availability and prices for the ingredients at four online supermarkets. Here they can make recipe substitutions for recommended alternative ingredients when they are either unavailable or too expensive. Ingredients they already have at home can be deleted from the list. Once they’ve assembled their shopping list and chosen their provider they can then add the ingredients to their online shop.

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