Channel 4 'Grand Designs' application

This prototype Connected TV application is designed to support the popular home-building series ‘Grand Designs’. The application provides a user-navigable realistic 3D virtual environment that recreates the buildings shown in the TV programmes.

Pressing the red button on the TV remote gives access to the environment, which can be investigated at will whilst simultaneously watching the TV show. Viewers can enter rooms, look at building details and explore the construction site. Interactive ‘hotspots’ allow the viewer to find out more information about products and materials used in the building.

A map indicates the viewer’s current location within the model whilst a video window shows the broadcast stream. These interface elements can be hidden to create a fully immersive full-screen experience.

Traditional broadcast output often uses 3D models to show environments or objects. However these simulations provide a pre-determined point-of-view and even in a 360º fly-through the perspective is fixed by the render of the model and not the will of the viewer. Also the constraints of the programme format often mean that the model will only appear on screen briefly. Our project creates an immersive and engaging experience by enabling the viewer to explore the 3D environment at will at any point during the course of the programme.

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