Channel 4 Paralympics application

In January of this year we were commissioned by Channel 4 to deliver a working prototype application to demonstrate how internet-streamed content could enhance sport coverage. The Paralympic Games was used as an example.

The core function of the application is to provide a framework for the delivery of four concurrent live video feeds as well as the ability to access catch-up video content. The viewer is also able to view profiles of the athletes and presenters, details of upcoming events, background information on all of the sports disciplines and medals table results. A ‘ticker-tape’ style feed at the bottom of the screen contains latest tweets from athletes as well as news bulletins. An ‘Equipment’ section of the app allows the viewer to find out more about the specialist equipment used by the athletes in the Paralympic Games. For example an interactive 3D model of the wheelchairs used in Wheelchair Rugby shows how they differ from normal wheelchairs and highlights their specialist modifications, which improve performance.

A User Dashboard allows the viewer to personalise the application and get more detailed information on favourite athletes and sports. The dashboard also uses regional geo-location to identify which athletes were born or are based in the viewer’s local area.

The application was built using the Samsung 3.5 SDK enabling it to be deployed to Samsung’s range of Smart TVs.

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