Forced Entertainment 20 years on

The year is 1994 and 'The Internet' is a world whispered about, populated with MUDs, newsgroups and chat rooms. There is a new kid on the block called the World Wide Web and some 2500 or so brave pioneers have taken the publishing plunge and launched their own websites.

In that year we were commissioned to design the publicity for 'Speak Bitterness', a new show by Forced Entertainment, one of the UK's most exciting experimental theatre companies. That was the start of a close relationship with the company that continued for the rest of that decade as we delivered design services that, in their own way, were as ground breaking as the company's theatre practice.

Now, 20 years and over a billion websites later, we're delighted to be working with Forced Entertainment once again. This time round we've re-designed their website; a responsive site, which changes colour palette and image library on every visit. You can view the fruits of our labour at