PSL direct mail and branding

We like a challenge at Corporation Pop.

PSL is a specialist software company that has been developing advanced systems for the manufacturing and distribution industries for quarter of a century. One of their products, Secant, enables manufacturers to maximise the number of pieces they can cut from any material, thereby minimising wastage. It was one of the first such software solutions to market but now faces stiff competition from international competitors. Our brief was to first produce a stand-out brand for the software and then design a direct mail piece which could be sent to key prospects and used at trade shows.

Our branding solution took inspiration from the name Secant which means a line that intersects a circle at two points. We used this to create a distinctive brandmark where the letter 'C' of secant is crossed by a diagonal line (see image).

For our direct mail solution we created a typographic construct which meticulously planned as many client testimonials as we could fit in to an A5-sized design; an obvious reference to the functionality of the software. The direct mail needed to appeal to two different segments of the market – manufacturers who cut from metal sheets and manufactures who cut from wood so we created two variations of the design to target each market. For the metal cutters we screenprinted the design on to stainless steel and for the wood cutters we laser etched the design on to plywood. Each sheet was then packaged in a custom-fluted card box which was screenprinted in opaque white.

The end result was an exquisite package that has given the client the stand-out they required in a very competitive marketplace.

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