Quarantine website

"Quarantine is quite simply a marvel, a company that's right at the forefront of British theatre," says Lyn Gardner in The Guardian.

It's been a pleasure and an honour to work with Quarantine, one of the UK's most innovative theatre companies, for almost a decade now. Back in 2003 the company approached us to deliver a brand identity that would reflect the innovative, sophisticated and radical work that they produce. In response we designed a logo based on the international flag for a ship in 'quarantine', with a bold colour palette and a set of typographic rules that make Quarantine's visual identity instantly recognisable. We think its testament to the strength of the brand that it still looks as fresh today as it did ten years ago.

When the company asked us to design their new website the challenge was to find new ways in which the brand could be expressed in an online environment. Previous websites had failed to do this effectively because they had either tried to reproduce the brand as it has been expressed in print or had strayed too far from the core visual identity. Our solution takes the essence of the brand – the strong combination of black and yellow, the contrasting sans serif and serif typefaces, the bold use of photography and the breaking of typographic conventions – and express this in ways which are ideally suited to the fluidity of online design.

Read more about our work with Quarantine in our case study.

View the website at: www.qtine.com