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Channel 4 Paralympics application

Channel 4 Paralympics application

In January of this year we were commissioned by Channel 4 to deliver a working prototype application to demonstrate how internet-streamed content could enhance sport coverage. The Paralympic Games was used as an example.

The core function of the application is to provide a framework for the delivery of four concurrent live video feeds as well as the ability to access catch-up video content. The viewer is also able to view profiles of the athletes and presenters, details of upcoming events, background information on all of the sports disciplines and medals table results. A ‘ticker-tape’ style feed at the bottom of the screen contains latest tweets from athletes as well as news bulletins. An ‘Equipment’ section of the app allows the viewer to find out more about the specialist equipment used by the athletes in the Paralympic Games. For example an interactive 3D model of the wheelchairs used in Wheelchair Rugby shows how they differ from normal wheelchairs and highlights their specialist modifications, which improve performance.

A User Dashboard allows the viewer to personalise the application and get more detailed information on favourite athletes and sports. The dashboard also uses regional geo-location to identify which athletes were born or are based in the viewer’s local area.

The application was built using the Samsung 3.5 SDK enabling it to be deployed to Samsung’s range of Smart TVs.

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Channel 4 prototypes

Over the last year we've been working with Channel 4 to develop interactive prototypes for connected TVs.

Connected TVs (or 'smart TVs' as they are also known) are televisions which have an internet connection, allowing multimedia content to be delivered directly to your TV. They are becoming more and more common in homes worldwide – nearly 40% of TVs sold this year will be Internet enabled and that's predicted to rise to 80% by 2016.

We’re very excited to be working closely with the UK’s most innovative broadcaster to deliver these experimental prototypes, which are designed to explore the creative and technological possibilities that this exciting new platform holds. The prototypes are not available to view publicly but you can read more about them below:

Channel 4 'Grand Designs' application

Channel 4 'Grand Designs' application

This prototype Connected TV application is designed to support the popular home-building series ‘Grand Designs’. The application provides a user-navigable realistic 3D virtual environment that recreates the buildings shown in the TV programmes.

Pressing the red button on the TV remote gives access to the environment, which can be investigated at will whilst simultaneously watching the TV show. Viewers can enter rooms, look at building details and explore the construction site. Interactive ‘hotspots’ allow the viewer to find out more information about products and materials used in the building.

A map indicates the viewer’s current location within the model whilst a video window shows the broadcast stream. These interface elements can be hidden to create a fully immersive full-screen experience.

Traditional broadcast output often uses 3D models to show environments or objects. However these simulations provide a pre-determined point-of-view and even in a 360º fly-through the perspective is fixed by the render of the model and not the will of the viewer. Also the constraints of the programme format often mean that the model will only appear on screen briefly. Our project creates an immersive and engaging experience by enabling the viewer to explore the 3D environment at will at any point during the course of the programme.

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Channel 4 cookery application

Channel 4 cookery application

This prototype Connected TV application is designed to support a cookery series. Frequently cookery programmes feature ingredients which are difficult or expensive to source. This application allows the viewer to conduct on-screen consumer research around a featured recipe or ingredient during the course of the TV programme.

The application can be accessed at any point during the TV show by pressing the red button on the remote control. An application home screen shows recipes, ingredients and personalities featured in the show. Each recipe featured in the programme is available to view (with an option to email the recipe to the viewer’s email account). Recipe ingredients each have an individual product page with more detailed information.

By selecting 'shop' from the recipe or ingredient screens the viewer can see availability and prices for the ingredients at four online supermarkets. Here they can make recipe substitutions for recommended alternative ingredients when they are either unavailable or too expensive. Ingredients they already have at home can be deleted from the list. Once they’ve assembled their shopping list and chosen their provider they can then add the ingredients to their online shop.

Read more about this project in our case study.

Creamfields TV commercial

Back in July we won a three-way pitch to deliver a 30 second TV commercial for Warner Music. The commercial is now airing on UK TV channels and advertises the release of the 'Creamfields 2011' album.

The ad features an animated 3-dimensional version of the album artwork (which we also designed) overlaid over edited live-action sequences. The creative for both the album and the commercial is based on this year's highly successful campaign design which we produced for the festival earlier this year.

At the time of writing the album is Top 10 in the UK Top 40 Compilation Albums!