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ProReal app

ProReal app

We are delighted to be able to tell you about a very exciting project which has been keeping us busy for the last six months or so.

In the summer of 2012 we were approached by a start-up business with a vision for a new way of delivering business coaching and consultancy. Using a technique called 'sociodrama', their idea involved the use of gaming technology to create metaphorical representations of real-world scenarios in a virtual landscape – a radically different approach to any other coaching product in the marketplace. They were looking for a company to help them build the software platform that would make this vision a reality and our long-standing track record in developing 3D virtual environments and managing virtual events naturally brought them to our door.

But it wasn't just our specialist knowledge in this area that we were able to bring to the project. They also needed a name and an identity so our branding team set to work on this whilst our web team began building the business a website.

Meanwhile our technical development team were busy building and testing the commercial software platform, a process which took nearly half a year before the product was ready for it's first commercial release in February 2013.

With the application quickly gaining recognition in the coaching and consultancy arena we are continuing development and every release sees the addition of new features. As ProReal grows as a business we are there to support them. And, as testament to their faith in us, Dom Raban, our MD, now sits on their Board of Advisors.  

Read more about ProReal in our case study.

Applearn video and website

Applearn video and website

Applearn create training tutorials for industry standard Human Resources software. HR software is usually a substantial investment for any company and to get a return on that investment it's important that everybody within the company knows and understands how to use it. Applearn's unique green-screen video based solution works by being embedded within the software, delivering return on investment by driving up usage.

To help them take their product to a global marketplace we have just completed a short animated film which explains, in easy-to-understand terms, the features and benefits of Applearn's training tools. To emphasise the simplicity of the solution we've taken a bold 2D graphic approach, illustrating the concepts outlined in the friendly mid-atlantic voice-over.

We've also created their new website which was developed in conjunction with long-term Corporation Pop collaborator, Dave Kirkwood. The site is built on the Wordpress platform and uses Brightcove's powerful video hosting solution.