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Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

Some say 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', others might say it's blatant theft – you decide!

Above left is the design we produced for Cream's 'Easter Special' in 2010. Above right is a poster for the 2012 'Kiddception' tour promoted by hard house stalwarts Goodgreef. 'Kiddception' is an album mixed by Alex Kidd and the album artwork bears an even more striking resemblance to our original.

'Flattery' or 'theft' one thing is for sure – the hapless 'designer' responsible for the Kiddception album doesn't deserve his / her fee. If that person is you and you're out there reading this then do the right thing and donate it to charity.

Creamfields TV commercial

Back in July we won a three-way pitch to deliver a 30 second TV commercial for Warner Music. The commercial is now airing on UK TV channels and advertises the release of the 'Creamfields 2011' album.

The ad features an animated 3-dimensional version of the album artwork (which we also designed) overlaid over edited live-action sequences. The creative for both the album and the commercial is based on this year's highly successful campaign design which we produced for the festival earlier this year.

At the time of writing the album is Top 10 in the UK Top 40 Compilation Albums!

Deadmau5 campaign

Its a little late in the day but we thought you'd like to know about a campaign we delivered last month for Deadmau5. In an English festival exclusive for 2011 LED (London Electronic Dance Festival) presented a one day festival in London's Victoria Park which featured the world famous house music artist, producer and DJ. We produced all the campaign collateral which included animated web banners, press advertising, flyers, posters and in-store animated videos for the HMV chain. This follows our successful campaign for the first LED Festival which we delivered last year.