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Media Trust website

Media Trust website

Media Trust is the UK’s leading communications charity, with over 20 years of success creating communications solutions for charities and communities for social good, working in alliance with the UK’s top media and communications companies. Media Trust services include training, film production, new distribution and support for community projects across the UK, as well as a unique ‘media matching’ service that maps a wide range of professional comms skills to charity requests for support.

Following a pitch earlier this year we were tasked with re-designing their site around their existing content management system. The Trust has a complex and diverse offer with many different user types and a mixture of paid-for and free services. Our task was to make each user’s journey to relevant content a simple one whilst also showcasing past initiatives and successes.

Our solution involved a complete restructure of the information architecture reorganising content in to four main areas, each clearly differentiated by the use of colour. New visitors are signposted to relevant content areas via a landing page. Cookies ensure that repeat visitors bypass the landing page and go directly to the information that they’re interested in. Changes to the site design were achieved by re-writing the style sheets and pinning new HTML templates to the CMS. 

You can visit the site at

ProReal app

ProReal app

We are delighted to be able to tell you about a very exciting project which has been keeping us busy for the last six months or so.

In the summer of 2012 we were approached by a start-up business with a vision for a new way of delivering business coaching and consultancy. Using a technique called 'sociodrama', their idea involved the use of gaming technology to create metaphorical representations of real-world scenarios in a virtual landscape – a radically different approach to any other coaching product in the marketplace. They were looking for a company to help them build the software platform that would make this vision a reality and our long-standing track record in developing 3D virtual environments and managing virtual events naturally brought them to our door.

But it wasn't just our specialist knowledge in this area that we were able to bring to the project. They also needed a name and an identity so our branding team set to work on this whilst our web team began building the business a website.

Meanwhile our technical development team were busy building and testing the commercial software platform, a process which took nearly half a year before the product was ready for it's first commercial release in February 2013.

With the application quickly gaining recognition in the coaching and consultancy arena we are continuing development and every release sees the addition of new features. As ProReal grows as a business we are there to support them. And, as testament to their faith in us, Dom Raban, our MD, now sits on their Board of Advisors.  

Read more about ProReal in our case study.

Responsive website for No Chintz

Responsive website for No Chintz

No Chintz are an interior design and branding company. They needed a new look for their website which their design-critical clients would find easy to navigate, inspirational and clear in its messaging so naturally they came to us.

Working with Jo Briggs, their Head of Brand we came up with a highly visual design making good use of the excellent photography they had of their interiors. The homepage uses multiple templates drawing content from all areas of the site. Each time the page refreshes a different template is used, meaning that there are literally thousands of variations of the homepage design.

The site is fully responsive, with 6 break points, allowing different views for high and low resolution desktops and portraita nd landscape tablets and mobiles. 

Everyone Learning branding and website

Everyone Learning branding and website

In 2010 the Department of Education announced a plan to establish around 500 National Teaching Schools by 2014. Based on the successful Teaching Hospitals model the aim of the programme is to give outstanding schools a leading role in teachers' training and professional development, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support. Schools which pass the stringent acceptance criteria then form alliances with other schools to deliver in-school learning programmes.

One such alliance is 'Everyone Learning', a partnership of 15 schools led by Hawthorns Community School in Ashton, Manchester. Having received their designation as a National Teaching Schools Alliance on 1st April last year they approached us and asked us to work on a brand identity, website, social media page branding and an e-newsletter template.

The brandmark features a lowercase 'e' encircled by three figures holding hands. The non-hierarchical relationship between the figures symbolises the spirit of sharing and cooperation that the Alliance embodies.

The website serves as a 'shop front' for the partnership and a place where ideas can be shared between partners and students. The responsive design means that the site's layout adapts to the size of browser window on which it is displayed. This means that people viewing on a mobile, tablet or desktop will each see a different site layout optimised for that particular device.

You can visit the site at: