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Chris Wray - Software Developer

Chris Wray

Software Developer

Things that
make me tick:

Chris is a software developer and his weapons of choice are React, Node, MongoDB PostgreSQL and JavaScript. He works on mobile apps and web based applications, on both frontend and backend. He gets off on problem solving, whether that’s creating a solution from scratch or figuring out why something isn’t working.

Beyond the boundaries of Co.Pop Chris is our very own Steve McQueen in so much as he’s a complete biking nut. He’s the proud owner of a Triumph Speed Triple on which he’s toured Europe a number of times taking in France, the Pyrenees, Spain, the Alps, Italy and the Dolomites, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Holland. He’s also a keen outdoorsman and a former Triathlete who still loves cycling and swimming

Chris is quite the handyman too and loves a bit of DIY or bike fixing. He also builds PCs and has a soft spot for playing driving sims—in fact he’s never happier than when he has a computer to build or is putting in 100 hundred laps practice on Assetto Corsa.

More recently Chris has developed a fixation on space travel. He tunes in to SpaceX launches, hangs on every word of Elon Musk and we reckon has a secret ambition to colonise Mars.