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3D virtual environments and virtual worlds

We are at the forefront in the UK in the development of 3D multi-user environments and Virtual Worlds.

Visually rich and highly engaging, our environments allow unrivaled interaction between online participants and provide an ideal platform for any kind of one-to-one or one-to-many engagement. Our realistically detailed and bespoke worlds can be accessed either through a web browser or as standalone desktop applications and are capable of supporting very large numbers of concurrent users (actual numbers depend on the server infrastructure we deploy). As made-to-order applications we build our environments to meet your access needs, from completely open to behind-the-firewall solutions. 

3D virtual environments can be used for any number of use-cases from virtual conferences and exhibitions to architectural simulations. We've made successful and award winning applications for connected TVs, business and health software, educational games and virtual graduation ceremonies all using this technology. 

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