Application, development, branding, games, UX, virtual enviroments and websites

Advergames, serious and educational games

At Corporation Pop we make games that are fun to play. That may be stating the obvious but it's crucial to the success of any game that the player is engaged and keen to come back for more. That principal is as true for educational and training games as it is for a console game.

Sometimes we build games that help to sell a product, sometimes we build games that educate but also entertain, sometimes we build games that reinforce a brand and sometimes we bring our knowledge of gaming and gaming technology to serious business applications. We do this using a range of development environments including HTML5 and Unity 3D.

We often harness the power of social networks to increase the reach of a game. We have integrated games with Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and WeChat.

We build for a wide range of platforms and devices including iOS (tablet and mobile), Android, desktop and kiosk.  

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