Drag or Nag?

Way back in the mists of time, when we started working from home as a part of the first lockdown, Corporation Pop set up an online drop-in centre / social space for the team, called The Old Bull & Bush.

Every Friday, from 4.30pm, Co.Pop staff could meet if they chose to, have a beer if they fancied, and ease themselves into the weekend.

It worked pretty well for the most part; conversation flowed, laughter rattled through the Hangout, and it was almost like after work socials of days gone by. As time went on, however, and lockdowns became more tedious, our usually close team began to run out of things to talk about. That tends to happen when you’re stuck at home all the time, it turns out. 

Then one day someone suggested resurrecting that mainstay of Lockdown 1 — the quiz. There were a few groans, and a few eye rolls, but hey — what the hell did we have to lose, right? So about eight weeks ago Friday night at The Old Bull & Bush became Quiz Night at The Old Bull & Bush, and each week someone takes their turn to host it. 

Now I know what you’re thinking — what a bunch of dorks — well I don’t care, it’s been ace! Everyone turns up, it’s a right good laugh, and we’ve had rounds such as Serial Killers, Catchphrase, Make the Biggest Hat, Countdown (yes with the Countdown Clock and music), Conspiracy Theories and last week the genius ‘Drag or Nag’—where we had to guess from a list of names whether the quiz master was talking about a drag queen or a racehorse.

And so, with a few more weeks of lockdown to go, we’re buckling up for more Friday fun and I reckon, when we all have the freedom to do our own thing again, it might even replace Friday drinks in the Northern Quarter*.






* It absolutely won’t but it’s a nice thought.

Richard Douglas - Studio Manager

Richard Douglas
Studio Manager