There’s a basketball court along the road where I go running. I see a little episode of it every time I run past and I always enjoy watching the games as I pass by.

There are usually three kinds of people playing: the skilled, the hoggers and the punters. The skilled ones are just genuinely talented, they know how to play and they know how to calculate the odds to take shots at the right time. The hoggers have some skill but they tend to be very hung up on waiting for the perfect opportunity to shoot. The punters see opportunity everywhere and pepper the basket with shots of varying accuracy to land the points.

Leaving the skilled players to one side (they really make their own luck), the one thing I notice is that a punter rarely regrets a missed shot, while a hogger will often get annoyed at a missed chance, an opportunity realised after it has passed.

When the stakes are high we all need to be careful, but often they’re lower than we think so why not take more opportunities to make a few points. Over the course of a game it’s often a winning strategy.

Nigel Green - Operations Director

Nigel Green
Operations Director