Spring Cleaning

We asked Nigel Green, Corporation Pop’s Operations Director, what was on his mind this week. Spring cleaning was what he told us:

It’s spring again – flowers are coming out, birds are singing, the sun is (sometimes) shining, and it’s once again light when I start and finish work. Time to tackle the spring cleaning list I’ve been writing all winter.

What about work though? What mental clutter can I remove so I can think more clearly? What digital cruft to delete? Time to clear the decks!

I’m making a start by:

  •  clearing out stale todos: these accrue over time and add cognitive load to anyone viewing the list. Would anyone really miss those 364 Jira tickets that no-one’s updated in 6 months?
  •  deduping our shared drives: an enterprise search consultant once told me that they average 80-90% duplicates when they first index shared drives for medium to large organisations. What could we save if we got that down to 10-20%? Feels like an easy win.
  •  actually reading my bookmarked pile: I clip tons of things to read later, but I know it’s really a wild west of useless links in there. How can I turn this into a well-curated list of useful information?


What’s your spring cleaning tip?

Nigel Green - Operations Director

Nigel Green
Operations Director