My Hivehaus tablet app

When George Clarke featured Hivehaus on his Channel 4 show ‘Amazing Spaces’, Barry Jackson knew he was on to something. Barry is the driving force behind Hivehaus – an innovative new concept in modular living space, inspired by nature, influenced by modernism and constructed using unconventional building techniques. Although created from identically proportioned hexagonal cells Hivehaus is anything but regular – individual components can be combined in an infinite variety of ways to produce a uniquely bespoke product at a price-point to suit any budget.

As Hivehaus garnered more and more attention from around the world Barry realised that he needed a tool to help his customers visualise their dream garden living space and so he approached us with the idea of creating a tablet application that would enable his customers to experiment with different configurations of his modular units and allow them to gain an understanding of the costs involved. 

Our experience in creating interactive 3D models and environments gave us the ideal credentials for the project. We used Unity 3D as a development environment and built an application that allows customers to enter the size of their plot and then add modules and decking in any configuration. Once they are happy with their plan they can then view the model in 3D and add walls, windows and doors. As each element is added to the build a running total keeps tally of the cost. The model can be saved, shared with their friends and exported to a PDF specification sheet.

Try our 'My Hivehaus' app for yourself. It's available to download for tablets on both the iTunes and Google Play stores, or you can try it on the web.