Sustainability – we like to keep it green and clean

Waste? Not on our watch. We’re all about reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever we can. It’s like second nature to us.

Best practice

We’re proud to say we’re hardcore recyclers. From paper to glass, cardboard, and plastic, if we can recycle something, we’re on it. 

Speaking of paper, we’re practically tree-huggers with how little we use. Yep, we’re 95% paperless and loving it.

When it comes to tech, we’re all about sustainability. We donate or recycle old electronics and IT gear through super ethical companies and charities, no questions asked.

Green hosting

Corporation Pop’s hosting services strike a balance between performance, the service we offer customers, and greener, more sustainable practices. The fact that we use a cloud service immediately reduces the carbon footprint we would incur by having servers onsite which weren’t fully utilised. 

We currently use AWS’s hosting infrastructure which is powered by 90% clean energy sources as well as being five times more efficient than typical European data centres.

Smart studio

Sometimes we work from our Manchester studio, but we’ve cut down on that by offering hybrid work options. Less travel, fewer emissions, more win-win.

And when we do come together, our team is all over their eco-friendly commute. Those of us who don’t walk or make use of the company’s bike to work scheme, hop on public transport to get to the studio, reducing our carbon footprint one tram, train or bus ride at a time.

Oh, and our studio? We keep it smart. Our heating is app-controlled remotely, off site, so we’re never wasting energy heating an empty space. Efficient or what?

So yeah, that’s us in a nutshell. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a way of life at Corporation Pop.