Why solving problems and fixing defects early is important.

Solving problems and fixing defects in the early stages of product development reduces costs.

At Corporation Pop we follow an Agile approach to software and app development. We focus on delivering valuable business features in short iterations. 


Time is money

Solving problems and fixing defects in the early stages of product development helps reduce costs associated with retesting and longer-term maintenance. It allows our QA Engineers to provide timely information to product owners about their testing experience and receive prompt feedback. In this way we can reduce the number of defects, as much as possible. And that means we can ship products to customers faster. Time is money, isn’t that what they say?


Horses for courses

Corporation Pop’s QA Engineers take your requirements, priorities and timeframes and use them to design the most suitable test approach possible. We then embark on a range of functional testing across a variety of devices.

Using risk-based analysis — balancing risk against time and budget — we ensure adequate test coverage. We work hand in hand with Pop’s development team to refine the backlog of tasks during a project. We plan sprints — discrete, two-week batches of tasks — which meet agreed targets and milestones in the project. 

Our QA engineers work closely with product owners to develop detailed acceptance criteria, based on user stories, before carrying out exploratory and scripted testing. 


Test and test some more

The testing phase involves the detection, resolution and retesting of defects. They are then passed back to the development team for further quality enhancement. This works as a fortnightly cycle as part of a sprint.

Finding defects is a normal part of the development process. We use specialised project management tools to capture and manage them so we can fix them during the testing phase of your project.

So there we have it, a thorough, cyclical, testing process which assures you of the best possible product in the fastest time possible.

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