That gets on my nerves SO much…

I sometimes hear my Co.Pop colleagues talk about what bugs them and as the non-tech person in the company wonder what on earth they’re banging on about. 

Well now it’s my turn to get some things off my chest. 

So here it is: The Non-tech Folk’s Top 5 ‘Oh My God That Gets On My Nerves So Much When I’m Using Apps and Websites’ definitive list

  • Pop ups — especially the ones that try to stop me from leaving when I go to close the tab and the ones that want me to sign up to a newsletter. Oh and don’t get me started on privacy notices taking up half the screen.
  • Auto-refresh when I’m reading the papers. What did the Home Secretary do again?
  • Front camera quality on your mobile. SCREAM! Who is that monster? Oh, it’s just me.
  • Passwords. I have SO many passwords and then I have LastPass, Samsung Pass and Zoho Vault with MORE passwords in them. Of course my phone also indiscriminately forgets my face and my fingerprint which isn’t helpful.
  • Too much stuff on the screen. Yes Amazon and Ebay, I’m looking at you. Sort your UX out, you’re big boys now.

I was going to include bad predictive text but I secretly quite like it and often send messages with the wrong word on purpose – just because it’s fanny.

Richard Douglas - Studio Manager / Writer

Richard Douglas
Studio Manager / Writer