Co-Pop’s brilliant map for Creamfields 2019

Creamfields is the biggest dance music festival in Europe and we’ve been working hand in hand with them for over a decade.

As Creamfields’ preferred agency for creative and art direction since 2008, charged with targeting that ever-elusive 16-24 demographic with a 50:50 male – female split, we’ve helped them deliver sell out festivals every year not just in the UK but as far afield as Argentina, Australia and China with web traffic up 30% year on year.

A small part of this year’s campaign is this brilliant fly-through map of the festival site which highlights features such as arenas, stages, and campsites whilst fitting perfectly into the brand style for 2019.

Our 3D artists were originally asked to create a map which could be printed on the back of lanyards, flyers and billboards. The fly-through video was essentially an afterthought at that stage.

The team went back to basics presenting Cream’s Head of Marketing & Creative with a number of mood boards in keeping with the 2019 brand and styling and after some discussion and much toing and froing, two themes shone through – a simple computer graphic style and a VHS, neon theme redolent of an 80s, American, cop show like Miami Vice crossed with Tron.

The client gave us loads of reference material including blueprints, site maps, photographs and previous years’ maps which we used as a guide to build the stages and arenas in 3ds Max and Maya. These were placed in a 3D environment in the Unity game engine and, after getting the final thumbs up on the original still image, we added elements such as trees, tents, flagpoles, and the brilliant undulating landscape surrounding the site.

Creamfields are thrilled with the final result and have since added the music and plastered it across their social media where at the time of writing, and with four weeks to go before the event, it’s been watched more than 140,000 times!

Creamfields mood board

Creamfields mood board