Manchester Metropolitan University and Health Education England commission VR and AR app

Award winning digital agency secures contract to develop app which encourages children to consider health and care career options

Corporation Pop is proud to have secured a major new contract with Manchester Metropolitan University, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSC Partnership) and Health Education England (HEE).

Manchester Met approached us to design and build an app, aimed at school children from Key Stages 1 to 4, which will include interactive games, augmented reality and virtual reality. 


The app encourages children to consider a career in the health and care sector, whether that be in health and social care roles or support positions, and uses innovative virtual reality to give users a deeper understanding of what various jobs entail. Uniquely, this is done by offering the user realistic experiences from the point of view of a member of the health and care workforce.

Younger children will be able to participate in role-play activities and play games to experience body systems in augmented reality, while older children can take part in full virtual reality work experiences.

VR education

The innovative idea was originally conceived by a 15 year old, year 10 pupil who, when looking for work experience, saw an opportunity for schools and pupils which could enhance their learning through digital reality learning environments.

His idea was to take virtual reality education programmes into the learning environment, and in doing so inspire young minds and influence students. Through the design of interactive material and the power of VR this will encourage children to think about a future career in health and care professions and bring students’ learning to life through immersive simulations and blended activities all aligned to the national curriculum.


The project strengthens Corporation Pop’s health and care portfolio, adding to our wide range of national and international clients across the NHS and in the private sector.

Some of our recent projects include development of a bespoke online system that allows Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust to manage their annual Clinical Excellence Awards, software for the Dutch health-tech startup, GableSystems, to control their innovative Gait and Balance training robot exoskeleton and, of course, on-going development work for Xploro, a digital therapeutics platform that uses AR, AI and games to reduce anxiety for young patients going to hospital.

It also adds to our portfolio of projects which use virtual reality as part of their offer.