Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

As they continue to develop, VR and AR are appearing in ever more intriguing and innovative environments. Naturally, Corporation Pop is there, at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

VR and AR have come a long way and are now fairly mainstream when it comes to entertainment. With Meta’s continued investment and development leading the way in VR, and the burgeoning Web AR about to change the way we access augmented reality, it looks like there’s no slowing down for either technology.

AR: The arts

Corporation Pop developed the Dazzle It app, in 2016, for 14-18 Now to commemorate the centenary of the first world war. Users took their own photographs, collaged them with original Dazzle Ship designs, and wrapped them around 3D images of ships. Using markerless AR, users could then project their creations into the world, bringing the Dazzle Ship story to a modern audience outside the confines of a traditional gallery spacer.


Xploro is an app designed for children being treated in hospital for a serious illness. It explains, in language children understand, what’s happening to them, who they might meet in hospital, and how a range of treatment and diagnostic equipment works. 

We embedded AR throughout the app. Each treatment experience and hospital room can be ‘projected’ into the child’s environment so they can closely examine them. Additionally, the customisable avatar character that guides the child through the app can be brought into the real world at the touch of a red balloon.


As part of the M-Care project, Corporation Pop created several AR elements to fit within the suite of educational resources. School children could easily project a human heart, skeleton or digestive system onto their desks. Each was labelled with its various components and could be scrutinised by rotating or zooming in and out.


When Fantazia Express commissioned Corporation Pop to build an app to entertain train passengers, they didn’t imagine how tricky it was going to be to create AR in a moving vehicle. Even more difficult, though, was AR outside the train from inside a carriage.

But that’s exactly what we pulled off. Using the device’s gyroscope, a fusion technique like those in aeroplanes, and Kalman filters, we were able to produce a stable AR experience which saw a flock of ravens appearing on the horizon and the Angel of the North heading off to a disco.

Web AR

Web-based Augmented Reality, without having to open an app, is still considered an experimental technology by Android. That makes it tricky to approach — for now. But, it hasn’t stopped Corporation Pop. We believe Web AR is the next big disruptive technology in AR and will open up the possibilities even furthers. Once again, we’re there, pushing what can be achieved with the new tech.

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VR: Publishing

Back in 2016, we worked with Future Publishing to deliver a VR experience for their B2B customers. The experience placed users in a futuristic Future Publishing HQ and used the lift as a navigation device. Each floor opened onto a different business offer — tech, gaming, music, and so on. We made it easy for even the novice VR user to experience the company’s offer.


When Health Education England and Manchester Metropolitan University commissioned us to deliver their M-Care project in 2021, things had moved on significantly. VR formed part of a suite of resources to be used by school children, which took them into the heart of health and social care settings. There they learned firsthand what it meant to be a radiologist, a care worker or a paramedic.

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Virtual Reality is developing quickly and we’re right up there pushing the limits of what can be achieved. If you think VR might work for your organisation, get in touch, we’d love to explore it with you.

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