At Corporation Pop we design and develop games that are fun to play. That might be stating the obvious but what is a game if it’s not engaging and entertaining? Whether you want a standalone game, one that forms part of an educational or training package, or something to help promote your business, get in touch.

Fun first

Corporation Pop will work closely with you to understand your idea and turn it into something playable and fun. Our developers know what works for different demographics and game styles. Our experienced designers and artists are experts at creating new worlds and characters. We know how to work within your brand parameters and deliver games which feel just right for your organisation.

Game design

Tell us what the purpose of your game is. Who do you want to play it and why? Share your vision. What will players do and, if you’ve got that far, what you want it to look like. Don’t worry if it’s not a fully formed concept yet, we’re good at bringing your ideas to life.

We’ll begin by creating a brief. This acts as an overarching guide and includes the features you expect to see. From here we’ll make a very simple version of the game — a minimum viable product (MVP). It’s important, even at this early stage, the MVP is fun. If the core of your game isn’t enjoyable, people simply won’t engage with it so we nail it early doors. 


Once you’re happy with the basic form of your game, we begin refining and improving it. We add additional art, effects and sounds, and get our user experience (UX) team involved. They ensure the user interface (UI) cuts the mustard and guarantee the game is engaging, playable and accessible.

We test and review your game throughout its development. It’s important it remains on track and stays aligned with both the brief and your vision. We have a thorough quality assurance process which finds glitches early, preventing costly fixes at the end of the project. We test your game on a range of devices and regularly deliver working, interactive, high-fidelity prototypes. That way you know exactly how it behaves and interacts.


Our go-to games engine of choice is Unity which we utilise to bring the elements of your game to life. Unity is a cross-platform game engine meaning we can create games for practically any device or platform. This includes 2D and 3D, AR and VR, and web or app on Android or iOS. 

When we’ve built and tested your app, and you’re happy with it, our developers deploy it to app stores or your chosen domain.

It’s your turn next

Whether it’s for fun, educational, or a route to market, it’s time to take your brilliant idea and bring it to life.

Drop us a line and we’ll show you how we can make your game a reality.

Let’s play!