Digital products such as apps and websites must have user needs at their heart or people simply won’t use them. Corporation Pop holds this principle high, and that’s why our user experience team works closely with clients, designers and developers to create exemplary products.

Read on and find out how our UX / UI research leads to apps and websites users love and return to. Then get in touch to talk about your next project.

We believe the key to UX success rests upon clearly defined business and user goals, user insights, and validation. We start each project by identifying your business objectives and the UX methodology that fits it best. Every project is unique and has different UX needs, methodologies, best practices and processes applied to it.

Our user centric style is firmly footed in function followed by form. Once the function is defined, and using your brand guidelines, we wrap it in a visual design that makes your product zing. 

We root our UX service in collaborative and iterative design, along with open communication. Our UX team works closely with you and our project managers and developers to align ideas and agree what’s feasible within time and budget. Corporation Pop’s designers know what’s involved in implementation and our developers help refine the UX service and create better products.

Iterative process - Double Diamond

UX Research

At the core of exemplary user experience (UX), are six pillars. Products should be useful & usable, effortless, human centric, have clarity, put the user in control, and be accessible to all.

To reach these standards, we must first fully understand existing market trends, the competitor landscape and users’ needs. That’s why our UX team invests so much in research. We need a thorough understanding of typical users’ behaviour, identities and assumptions and their requirements and motivations.


Corporation Pop knows it’s also critical to identify our customers’ business needs. Do you want to extend reach, increase engagement, improve satisfaction, or something else entirely? Sometimes there’s an existing product which needs reviewing, updating or replacing. If so, we’ll conduct a UX audit and a heuristic evaluation of it. That will help us understand what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be improved.

Our process includes identifying and prioritising features, creating effective Information Architecture, and scrutinising how users complete tasks. We analyse the entire user journey from entry point through to their last interaction which helps us immeasurably in the design process.

UI Design

The design stage is when the product really starts coming to life. We create mid-fidelity wireframes — schematic designs which show how we have laid content out on the page. These give you a clear representation of the elements that make up the pages and the connections between them.

We produce all the elements to create an intuitive experience for the users. These typically include icons, buttons, typography and colour palettes. We focus keenly on the look and feel of the product and on increasing user engagement through interactivity. If you want, we can deliver pixel perfect designs aligning with your existing brand guidelines. Alternatively we can design a brand identity for you.

We also deliver a UI Kit and Design System. This is a complete set of standards intended to manage design using reusable components and patterns. It allows for consistent, cohesive visual experiences across devices and platforms.

Prototypes and Testing

Throughout your project, we deliver working, interactive, high fidelity prototypes of the product so you know exactly how it behaves and interacts. This means you can visualise what your product will look like and how it will work before we build it.

Regular usability testing during the build phase of a project means we can be sure user experience is optimised. Multiple revisions and iterations are standard when it comes to getting the very best UX. 

Even when we’re happy that a final product is good to go, we put it in front of users and ask for feedback before a final sign off with you.

Give them a user experience they’ll remember

UX research and design is an integral part of what we do at Corporation Pop. From first principles to finished product our UX / UI team are thorough, observant and business focused.

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