3D virtual worlds & environments

Corporation Pop has always been a pioneer in innovative technology. That’s why, in the mid-2000s, we took our first steps into virtual worlds. The meteoric rise of the mother of all metaverses, Second Life, piqued our interest and we got to work. 

This technology has since proved to have many applications from virtual conferences and exhibitions to architectural simulations. Read on to see how a 3D virtual world might just be the business solution you’re looking for.

Second Life

As early adopters, we began prototyping and creating minimum viable products (MVPs) for this new world. Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, quickly recognised our work and listed us as one of only fifteen ‘Gold Level Service Providers’ in Europe.

This platform enabled us to work with other organisations keen to explore the potential of the technology. Amongst them were Channel 4, and their flagship TV show Grand Designs, EMI, and BP who we created international graduation ceremonies for. We also designed and built educational games and coaching platforms for startups keen to capitalise on virtual worlds.

The modern world

Fast forward to today and our work in these areas continues with VR headset experiences at the forefront. There are fewer barriers to entry than ever as the tech becomes faster, smaller, and more affordable. Using the most up-to-date software we create visually rich environments to be explored on modern, untethered hardware.

Users access our detailed and bespoke worlds through an app or web browser. They support multiple users simultaneously and enhance user engagement beyond anything seen before.

Your 3D environment 

We will not only build you a 3D virtual environment but populate it too. Our recent avatar work with characters that look and sound like their real-world counterparts offers another level of sophistication. With avatars that interact and behave exactly as you chose, we create environments with your business needs at their heart.

You tell us what you want your 3D virtual world to do and we’ll design it. From a meeting room for ten people to a conference and breakout rooms hosting any number of delegates, it’s all achievable. Our server architecture experts will build a platform for as many users as you need. 

Our environments are easy to access, secure and stable. We can make them public or place them behind a firewall — it all depends what you want yours for.

The virtual world is your oyster

Perhaps you’re looking for an innovative way to preview a video, or maybe you want to host international meetings. Maybe you need a place to exhibit your NFT art, a virtual retail environment for customers to browse and buy, or a yoga room for those early morning classes.

Whatever you want, drop us a line. We’ll roll on our leg warmers, put on our thinking caps, then design and build you something exceptional in the metaverse.

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