The ubiquity of apps makes them a crucial part of many businesses. Your app might be your product or service itself or your route to market. Alternatively, it might simply act as a shop window so your business maintains a digital presence. Whatever it’s for, it’s critical your app does its job well and pays for itself — return on investment is crucial. 

Corporation Pop has been in the app game from day one. We are known for designing and developing highly engineered state-of-the-art apps for businesses and consumers. Keep reading to find out why we’re your best bet for apps then drop us a line.

Understanding end users

Corporation Pop will take your vision, learn what your end users need from it, and translate that into an app. The discovery phase of app development is also when we truly understand how people will use it. It provides us with the groundwork we need to deliver a robust, usable product.

Our UX / UI team are experts at understanding your customers and that’s where we like to start. Read about what they do here.

Tech and tools

Preliminary work done, we translate those discoveries into the app’s technical requirements taking into consideration its frontend, backend and infrastructure. The frontend being those elements seen by a user; the backend including APIs and databases; and the infrastructure what it’s built on and where it’s hosted.

Technical research includes establishing the best framework for your app, and choosing the tools, libraries and languages we’ll use. We specialise in JavaScript & TypeScript, React & React Native for the frontend, NodeJS for the backend, and use AWS for infrastructure. Corporation Pop backend developers are AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professionals and are therefore experts in cloud hosting. They know the most efficient and secure ways of treating your app, depending on what its job is.


Want a game in your app? You’ve got it! Our designers, artists and Unity developers create engaging, robust games tailored to your users. Our back catalogue includes educational games, healthcare games, those which integrate with social media platforms and some just for fun. Read more about Corporation Pop games here.

Social media

Connecting with your community has never been more important so, where needed, we ensure apps work with Facebook and Twitter APIs and integrate seamlessly with social media platforms. 

New realities: VR & AR

We have a rich history of working in 3D and Virtual Reality and are adept at delivering apps for use with VR platforms such as Meta Quest. From education and healthcare to business and marketing, we’ve been there and done that.

AR appears in our apps more regularly than ever and we have the know-how to integrate it seamlessly with your product. From entertainment using markerless technology on a moving train, to web AR and even our own business cards, we’re at the forefront.

Read more about our VR and AR work here.

Post release

In addition to our design, build and deploy service we can provide ongoing post-release support. Our Maintenance contracts start from as little as two hours a month. They offer peace of mind that your app will continue to be up to date and function as we designed it to, keeping it relevant and reliable for your users.

Large or small

Our illustrious client list, past and present, ranges from micro enterprises to large corporations. Some are looking for guidance and hand holding, others have a more hands-off approach simply wanting a quality app delivered with the minimum of fuss.

We work with universities and public sector bodies, international media companies, hospitals and blue chip firms as well as small arts organisations, entrepreneurs, and startups. Just think, you could be next.

Your app next

Whatever platform, whichever device, whether it’s business to business, business to consumer, or the increasingly important business to employee market, Corporation Pop should be your first call.

We’ve developed apps in sectors including healthcare, entertainment, education and employee training and development. Make your app the next big thing.

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